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Smart Mailroom & Inventory

Goes beyond a tool approach and provides you facilities for API Integration to Mailroom, CRM enabling Inventory governance. Opportunity to reduce expensive physical mailrooms and transform them to electronic smart mailrooms. Eliminates Scan, OCR, hurdles of e-invoicing for expensive integration to service providers. Sorting, split and merge, auto routing to data capture as key data capture exception features supporting guided automation. Supports integration with your OCR for any legacy input for backward compatibility.

Data Capture and Exception Automation

onebase by its Cognitive capabilities accepts input from forms or device or Apps seamlessly. Cognitive data capture on unstructured PDF, Excel Spreadsheets, EDI or from devices and apps. Seamless transformation of data capture by server side by Cognitive data robots. Greatly reduces need for real estate cost of physical presence of data capture analysts. Cognitive intelligence for multipage, multiline, Spreadsheet with unstructured columns and positions and texts.

When automation is challenged either by any new formats never seen by the data robots or quality of image when channelled through legacy OCR technology there needs to be automation platform for business continuity. Onebase provides data capture exceptions for any manual fallouts while routing the image for continuous improvement.

Business Process and Exceptions Automation

Unique and Industry agnostic elastic workflow automation for your business process. Digitally enables enterprises to define organization, business process entities and to create and deploy domain analyst robots for automated exception handling. Exception workflows comes in two flavours. Unique in the industry by coexisting with your existing workflows through integration APIs or chosen to be deploy as a standalone workflow.

Define and manage dynamic rules that can be managed by analyst robots or routed to human for exception handling. Unique feature of auto learning allows auto coding of process factors by analyst robots learning from human analysts automating judgement patterns to future decisions. Assures regulatory and compliance from audit trails for both human and robotic analysts.

Integration and Output Automation

Onebase workflows creates output for auto posting or make it available as JSON, CSV through secured APIs. Output can be used for upstream or downstream integration to any ERP or CRM or even to an RPA. The analyst robots from the workflow will post the audited output to target ERP. Further customization to desired EDI format for industrial process transformation or an RPA for legacy data posting.

Secured API Integration from ERP agnostic onebase workflow to any ERP, CRM, Mailroom with SoAP or REST interfaces. Integration of onebase workflow not only posts output to your ERP or CRM, but also handles exceptions posted back from ERP for further resolution as per SOA. Integration is on demand for implementation.

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