Design, Validate, Deploy

Defining Automation – Design, Validate and Deploy

Assemble to integrate process automation while retaining most of the invested environment or choose to replace the legacy with onebase. Automation with no technology knowledge and with process training with powerful onebase studio empowering business.

Elastic Process Exception and BPM

Create Domain Business Process on the Go with industry standard and organization specific process model in close collaboration with business team. What it mean.

AI Onboard For Unstructured Formats

Create Domain Business Process on the Go with industry standard and organization specific process model in close collaboration with business team. What it mean.

People, Process, Platform

onebase – The 3P Process (People, Process, Platform)

The on-floor operational aspects than requirement based elaboration brings in the subject matter view (Information Design from people), Business leaders who knows the drivers of KPI is brought into confidence by collaboration for reverse knowledge transition and mapping it to KPI resulting in scalable Platform standard operating procedure (SOP Design from process). Select suitable data capture Cognitive AI solutions, workflow automation solutions that could either coexist with the existing systems or be a standalone assuring SOP and compliance. This is followed by the related output services with on-demand integration to target ERP / CRM / Customer Communication systems.

Develop Transformation Roadmap and ROI

People Track

Study and involve in the culture centric delivery operations model. Perceive business partner vision to elaborate and create process roadmap involving stakeholders through cross-functional collaboration.

Process Track

Define automation pitch for maximizing organizational efficiency, and achieving scalability for the new digital business model making it possible to build contextualized digital capture, exception and outcome solution.

Technology Track

the focus is on building an integrated information infrastructure, which serves as a foundation for integrating data across silos. A contextualized platform architecture is critically important for structuring AI for data process and cognitive exceptions.

Cocreate Proof of Value (POV)

Laying the Foundation for Digital Success

Cocreate Proof of Value (POV). Reduce risk and gain confidence in your modernization initiative. Make the case for onebase to be your factory of automation be it on-cloud or on-premise or hybrid.

Access expert advice from the floor, delivery and cross validate with business stakeholders.

Report POV solution value, evaluated against success criteria.

Build and present business case for investment with automation reflecting true enterprise ROI.

Define and Propose End to End Automation

onebase is assessed for assembly of automation as an integrated solution for the end customer or partner for a purposeful use case with definition of right KPI, SLA reflecting Quality and TAT.

Eliminating Digital Fragmentation

One consequence of the lack of foundational planning is that organizations end up with too many disconnected initiatives, or “digital fragmentation.” These initiatives need to be unified before an organization can realize the full potential of its digital vision. This can be a difficult process because each initiative often has its own business justification. Typical fragmentation shall be a task based RPA automation as a reaction to short-term marketplace events, rather than a true reflection of long-term business goals.

Purposeful Automation

Today’s business leaders are faced with an overwhelming number of choices for digital products and platforms onebase helps in bringing together numerous disciplines to best realize the meaningful business impact. We help in organizations to realize the digital maturity stage and develop a governance framework for managing the transition to a fully digitized enterprise.

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