Design Studio

onebase studio, Where cognitive knowledge is ported

  • Empower Process team to train and deploy
  • Powerful workflow to track and manage tasks
  • Simple definitions for complex processing
  • Visualize Outcomes

On-Cloud and continuous machine learning process enabling cognitive human vision pattern that learns the syntax from operations, semantically scale to extract data from unstructured source. Empowers Operations create and train to deploy data robots for data capture from PDF, Excel, EDI. Onboard and associate the data robots to industry workflows for exceptions. Onebase provides simplified workflows for managing design to onboard the entities like invoices, bank statements, billing inputs, records to reconcile etc.

onebase studio rapidly train to deploy process automation data robots and analyst robots. A business process as a service (BPaaS) digitally empowering process delivery. Digital studios just needs input from operations SME and the cognitive learning takes care of the rest.

PDF Studio

Invoices from ERP or Bank statements in the business world has adopted to a secured PDF way to manage revenue and cash integrity. Operations experts can play on the document to classify for cognitive data capture and associate to business process for exceptions. Helps eliminate scan, OCR and enables semantic EDI patterns for target ERP (buyer, Payer, etc). Process delivery team will be able to achieve 0 touch accuracy with 25 to 30 document samples compared to pure AI systems demanding millions of patterns.

Excel Studio

Tabular and spreadsheet data from various disparate sources like retail POS, Billing input, Cash applications demand intensive data processing like VLOOKUP, pivot, aggregate, periodic reconciliation with varying column names, positions. Operations experts can classify, build dictionary for cognitive data capture automation followed by business process exceptions. Excel Studios when interfered with any new patterns will route to learn from process experts to eliminate further human interventions.

Exception Studio

Create, validate and deploy domain decision robots to function as a robotic analysts. Business Process Analysts creates exceptions based on rules that would in-turn train the analyst robots. Ability to associate the exception analysts and robotic analysts based on business process, business unit, department differentiates from a traditional BPM and workflow tools. Exception studios will govern compliance and regulatory by digitally empowering business teams with considerably less dependency on technology.

EDI Studio

When circumstances demand EDI agreement from the service providers or banks, customization becomes a nightmare to adopt into target workflow or ERPs. Onebase understands the unstructured EDI and helps to map EDI to a standard operating business process fields eventually enabling decisions for exceptions governing compliance. Eventually EDI studios brings down complex IT development process demanding industry and process knowledge. Operations experts can classify for cognitive data capture automation followed by business process exceptions.

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